Road Safety

The road outside the school is extremely busy – too busy with vehicles for the safety of all our children.

It is an offence to stop on the zig zag lines and yet some parents do this. From time to time police carry out checks to ensure that people are not parking or stopping on the zig zag lines. In addition, numerous cars are regularly parked along the street outside the lines.

Small children cannot be seen walking between parked cars nor can they see vehicles that may be travelling along the road. The safety of our children is the responsibility of all of us.

We are sure that parents will agree that we would wish to make the school and the area around it as safe as possible for our children. We would appeal to parents who need to transport their children to school by car to use the Sports Centre car Park from where children can walk to school using the underpass.

Walking from the Sports Centre has the benefit in that it gives children an opportunity for exercise and promotes a healthier lifestyle.

We would remind parents that the school car park should be used for "drop off & drive off" only. The school car park is for STAFF ONLY- PARENTS SHOULD NOT PARK IN THIS CAR PARK.

We would also like to remind parents not to walk through the car park with their children when entering school. There are three dedicated pupil entrances.