New Money Collection Procedures at Carron

From Monday 14th September 2015 school lunches will be paid for WEEKLY using the following system.

Dinner money will be collected on a Monday (or on a Tuesday following a Monday holiday).
We can only accept dinner money for one week at a time.

Dinner money should be sent in an envelope (printed envelopes are available for purchase in school).

School meals currently cost £1.95 per day or £9.75 per week. If the correct money is not sent in, an option will be available for daily/weekly change to be returned to you or donated to School Fund which pays for trips, parties and entertainment for children throughout the year.

Dinners can be paid for by cheque – please make payable to Falkirk Council
You will be given a lunch menu and order form weekly. This should be returned in the envelope indicating the days for which lunch is being ordered. A separate form is needed for each child. It is very helpful if money can also be separated if you are paying for more than one child.

Order forms will be posted on the school website for downloading.

Children do not need to make their choices at the start of the week – this will be done daily in class.
P1-3 children receive free school meals. An order form should be completed for them although no money need be included.

Older children in receipt of a free school meal should complete an order form and return it to school. This way we can ensure that these children are not treated differently from any other child.

All other money should be returned to school in a clearly marked envelope. Dinner money should be in its own envelope. Please do not mix dinner monies and other monies – our accounting procedures are different for different kinds of cash.

All dinner money should be given to your child to be handed over in class – dinner money will not be accepted at the school office.

We understand that family circumstances change throughout the week. Payment for lunches will be accepted on other days in these circumstances.

o start the system off, each child will be given five free envelopes. Further envelopes can be purchased (at cost price) from the school at £2.00 for 40 envelopes.