Collection of ideas to support learning in the event of a school closure

Here is a list of ideas to support learning if/when the school has to be closed:

  • Shopping – work on adding, subtracting amounts, multiplying or even dividing: if a pack of 6 costs 90p, how much would one cost?
  • Time: how long does it take to tidy a room? If you got 3 minutes TV for each minute tidying, how long would you need to help in the house to be able to watch the whole of your favourite movie;
  • Writing: thank you letters to granny and grandpa for the lovely presents;
  • Spelling:
  • ’21 or pontoon’ – mental arithmetic
  • Play cards – memory- good for concentration
  • Snap – pairs
  • Snakes and Ladders – order number of the 100 square
  • Revise number stories
  • Addition and formation of letters and numbers
  • (free trial)
  • Revision of cvc words
  • Any sparklebox resources can be downloaded and used at home
  • Play card games
  • Baking to practise measuring and weight
  • Dominoes
  • – maths games
  • Building junk models for art and craft
  • Describe the weather using wow words and adjectives
  • Nature walks
  • Learn Christmas/number songs
  • Keep a diary of your days


School closed? Snow need to stop learning!

The Falkirk Council Education Services website has a number of links for different stages and curricular areas at:-

  • Falkirk VTC
  • BBC Scotland's Learning Scotland site
  • Channel 4 Learning site
  • Learning and Teaching Scotland
  • For Maths and sciences
  • Cross Curricular video resources
  • Popular online games involving pupils competing against other pupils worldwide in maths and language skills: and
  • Some Falkirk schools have a subscription to Education City
  • Pupils with Mathletics access can sign in here:

Pupils who have access to their Glow accounts will find a range of information that will be very helpful. When they receive their Glow user account details, they will be able to log in from home by clicking on the following link: