Our Aims

Carron Primary School's aims are to ensure that each pupil achieves his/her full potential academically, socially and physically by developing self esteem, self awareness and self discipline in a secure, happy, well managed learning environment.

We will seek to do this by :-

  • encouragement
  • praise and motivation
  • building self esteem
  • encouraging responsibility for their own learning
  • promoting and developing an appreciation of themselves, others and property
  • encouraging responsible behaviour using a variety of effective teaching methods
  • supporting a balanced curriculum with effective differentiated resourcing
    effective planning and evaluating
  • carefully monitoring the work of the school ensuring continuity and progression in learning and teaching
  • keeping parents regularly informed, seeking and valuing parents' views
  • building partnerships with outside agencies and the wider community
  • giving considered response to educational change
    using school development planning to effectively manage the pace of change
  • building a strong school team
  • recording and reporting effectively and regularly on assessment procedures
  • ensuring effective communication both in and out of school